Gatlin Corp. supplies heat exchangers for all major fluid applications.

With the help of AKG of America, Gatlin offers custom-designed solutions that are unique to each customer’s application such as:

Air-to-oil coolers  |  Air-to-water coolers  |  Air-to-air coolers  |  Global standard coolers

After years of experience using all available brands, we realized that AKG is the best heat exchanger on the market today. AKG has mobile and stationary applications. Their products are complete all-purpose cooling systems and are suited for difficult operating conditions. AKG heat exchangers are powered by AC/DC or by hydraulic motor-driven fans and are available as noise optimized models.

Call today and let the experts at Gatlin Corp. help you select the right heat exchanger for your facility.

Types of heat exchangers we supply:

air-cooled heat exchangers, water-cooled heat exchangers, gas-heat exchangers, water-heat exchangers, thermal-transfer heat exchangers