Gatlin Corp. is one of the largest stocking distributors in the Southeast of Oilgear pumps.

Oilgear’s pumps, both variable and fixed displacement, have earned the reputation of being the top of the line pumps on the market today. This is especially true for heavy-duty applications. Gatlin also represents Permco, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors with large displacement configurations. Both roller bearing and sleeve bushing series are available.

Featuring the most reliable hydraulic pumps on the market today, Gatlin Corp. sells a variety of variable displacement ranges, pressure ratings, and speed ratings as well.

Gatlin Corp. has the ability to take standard pumps and change out the options on those pumps to meet your special requirements.

There are also numerous mounting configurations for all types of applications.

Contact a Gatlin representative for custom applications or for a quote on different brands such as Bosch/Rexroth pumps, Eaton/Vickers pumps, Yuken pumps, Kawasaki pumps, or Commercial pumps.

Types of pumps we supply and service:

hydraulic pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps, positive displacement pumps, vane pumps, Oilgear pumps, Permco pumps, Bosch pumps, Rexroth pumps, Eaton pumps, Vickers pumps, Yuken pumps, Kawasaki pumps, Commercial pumps